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The recommissioning process – next steps for your service

We have nearly completed the process of recommissioning TEI service providers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted contract negotiations for some service providers. We will support you through the next steps of recommissioning and remain flexible during this time.

Next steps for contract negotiations

If you have reached agreement in your recommissioning negotiations:

  • we will finalise those contracts and send them to you as soon as practicable
  • you do not need to make any changes to those recent agreements regardless of whether service delivery changes have occurred due to COVID-19
  • new contracts will start on 1 July 2020.

You will know you have reached agreement from your record of what was agreed, either signed, or agreed by email.

If you have not yet reached agreement in your recommissioning negotiations

  • we will extend the negotiation timeframe and funding under your current contract to 31 December 2020
  • where possible, we encourage you to continue to progress your negotiations and finalise contracts as soon as it is practical
  • we will write to you by 30 April 2020 if this extension applies to you.

Any issues raised will still be managed locally and if necessary, can be escalated locally through the current process as follows:

  1. Manager, Commissioning and Planning
  2. Director, Commissioning and Planning
  3. Executive District Director

Changes to service delivery

We acknowledge that your service delivery may be affected by COVID-19 and we will take this into account, and want to assure you that this will not influence your contract negotiations.

Please inform your DCJ Contract Manager if you make any changes to your TEI service delivery due to COVID-19.

Achieving milestones

We know that COVID-19 may affect your ability to achieve milestones under your new TEI contracts. If this is the case, we will extend the due dates of milestones in your TEI Schedule for up to 6 months.

You do not need to update the milestone dates in your Schedule for this to take effect. DCJ will include an additional supplementary condition in all TEI contracts reflecting this, and you will be able to review this when you receive your contract.

Using the Data Exchange

We have extended the ‘Try, Test and Learn’ period for implementing the TEI Outcomes Framework. It will be optional for TEI providers to report administrative and outcomes data in the Data Exchange from now until 31 December 2020.

A local approach to recommissioning

We understand that each local community has different priorities and needs. That is why we are taking a local approach to recommissioning for TEI.

DCJ districts will lead this work. Local planning will help us identify what areas we need to focus on in each community. We will look at:

  • local priority groups – who needs the services?
  • location – where are the services needed?
  • service type – what services are needed?

What will happen?

Your local DCJ district will work with you to negotiate your contract terms. This will be based on the TEI program specifications and priorities for your local community. You can read our negotiation fact sheet to learn more about the negotiation process.

Contract negotiations will start from November 2019. We understand negotiations are a process and may require multiple conversations before landing on an agreed position.

What are the new contracts?

The new contracts will start on 1 July 2020 and use the new NSW Human Services Agreement (HSA). The contract will include three documents:

  1. Agreement for funding of services, standard terms
  2. Agreement for funding of services, schedule
  3. TEI program specifications (previously known as program guidelines)

Information and resources to help transition to the HSA can be found at You will receive more information about the HSA as the recommissioning process progresses.

We will take a flexible approach to contracting to support your transition to the new TEI program. Contract terms include:

  • 5 years
  • 3 years initial term plus 2 years extension
  • 2 years initial term plus 3 years extension
  • 1 year initial term plus up to 4 years extension.

Our district teams will work with you to negotiate your contract terms. This will be based on whether your service aligns with TEI program objectives and meets the priorities for your local community. The key principles for the recommissioning process are:

  • Local priority groups –  is your service supporting people who need it?
  • Location – is there a need for your service in the  local area?
  • Service delivery type – are your current service activities addressing local priorities?
  • Evidence informed – is there evidence that your service works? This includes sector consultation, local knowledge and data.

You may be offered flexible contract terms, with an option to extend as you meet agreed milestones. We will support you if you need to make changes.

Recommissioning will occur within existing program funding. Agreed service levels will be negotiated as part of the contract based on what is sustainable for providers. We understand that adjustments may also need to be made during the contract period.

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Last updated: 16 Jul 2021