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Sector Support

The Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) program supports the people who need it earlier, to make the biggest impact. The delivery of this support relies on TEI funded services who are on the ground engaging with TEI clients, working with them to make a difference in their lives.

To assist our service providers in making TEI as effective as possible, assistance is currently provided in the following forms:

Change Together

Change Together is a learning program for non-government practitioners working with children and families who are receiving Targeted Earlier Intervention, Family Connect and Support or Family Preservation services funded by the Department of Communities and Justice. The program provides free training to complement the professional learning of individual non-government organisations. For more information on Change Together can be found here.

Other training

Fams has partnered with the Governance Institute of Australia and CCWT to offer access to training opportunities to TEI services. View further information about these training opportunities.

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Last updated: 07 Feb 2023