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Sector Assistance Strategy

Stage 3 of the TEI Sector Assistance Strategy (SAS) will support existing TEI-funded services to transition to the new TEI Program. This will involve:

  • individualised support packages for Aboriginal TEI service providers
  • individualised support packages for mainstream TEI service providers
  • Data Exchange support and resources

Individualised support for Aboriginal TEI service providers

Absec is coordinating the provision of individualised support for Aboriginal TEI service providers. This will provide Aboriginal organisations with access to culturally safe and appropriate support to transition to the TEI Program.

You can find out more about applying for individualised support and complete an expression of interest form on the Absec website.

Your DCJ contract manager can also help you complete the form or complete it on your behalf.

Individualised support packages for mainstream TEI service providers

NCOSS will continue to coordinate the delivery of individualised support packages to mainstream TEI service providers. Aboriginal providers are also welcome to access support via NCOSS. Support packages will help service providers to align with the TEI program.

NCOSS will continue to use a panel of support providers to meet your needs. These providers will have a range of different skills, such as:

  • developing program logics
  • embedding outcomes culture
  • communication with clients or the community
  • changes to service delivery
  • assistance with forming partnerships or collaborations
  • updating policies or procedures
  • changes to governance or financial management
  • workforce planning
  • data collection and using the Data Exchange

Your contract manager may suggest you apply for individualised support  in your contract negotiations. This is to help you achieve the milestones in your Schedule. Your contract manager can help you apply for support or apply on your behalf.

If you apply directly to NCOSS, they will ask your contract manager to confirm your support needs. This is because the services that need to make the most changes in each District will receive priority access to support.

The request form and information about the process of applying for a support package is available on the NCOSS website.

Data Exchange support and resources


We have developed a number of resources to support TEI service providers to use the Data Exchange, develop program logics and measure outcomes, including:

Please also see the Program specific guidance for State Agencies on the Data Exchange website.


Fams are running workshops to support service providers to use the Data Exchange. You can register to attend one of the workshops on the Fams website.

Peer Learning

We will work with you throughout 2020 to increase peer-to-peer learning opportunities for the Data Exchange. Please email us at if you’re interested in peer-to-peer learning.

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Last updated: 06 Oct 2020