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Program logic – how we’ll deliver the right support

Program logic – Delivering the right support

All TEI service providers are required to develop a program logic within their first year of service delivery.

A program logic is an important component of evidence-based practice. The program logic provides a framework for monitoring and evaluating service activities and helps service providers link program activities with client outcomes.

The program logic is a living document that is reviewed annually. It should be kept up to date as local priorities and service activities change, and needs to be reviewed annually.

Will my program logic be assessed?

Your program logic will be assessed by your local district. This is to ensure service providers adequately understand TEI objectives and all program logics developed in the TEI program are high-quality.

Your local district will use this guide: Assessing a program logic. This includes clear criteria to promote best practice and consistency in the TEI program.

What DCJ support is available?

TEI Program Logic E-module

We have developed a 15 minute Program Logic e-module to help you to develop your program logics: Developing a program logic e-module

Download the TEI program logic template and examples to help you complete the e-module.

Program Logic resources

See these other useful resources for further assistance:

If you have any questions or comments about these resources please contact:

Real examples of program logics from service providers

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Last updated: 07 Feb 2023