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Key TEI resources

TEI program overview

  • TEI program specifications - sets out the intended program outcomes, the program target group and examples of activities that might be delivered under the program. Service providers must comply with the TEI program specifications.
  • TEI program fact sheet - explains the TEI program and the recommissioning process.
  • TEI outcomes framework - underpins the whole TEI program and explains how we will work together to build evidence and improve outcomes.

TEI contracts

TEI program logic

Real program logics from service providers


Indigenous Data Sovereignty

The Data Exchange

Measuring and Reporting Outcomes

Real examples of measuring outcomes from service providers

Using the Data Exchange Reports

Data Exchange Webinar Series

Local data

  • Local data packs - select your local district to access data about your area. You can use this data to develop your program logic.

Sector Development Organisations

TEI Commissioning

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Last updated: 07 Feb 2023