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Key TEI resources

TEI program overview

  • TEI program specifications - sets out the intended program outcomes, the program target group and examples of activities that might be delivered under the program. Service providers must comply with the TEI program specifications.
  • TEI program fact sheet - explains the TEI program and the recommissioning process.
  • TEI outcomes framework - underpins the whole TEI program and explains how we will work together to build evidence and improve outcomes.

TEI contracts

TEI program logic

  • TEI program logic - explains why we need to change, how we will change and what outcomes we want to achieve through the program.
  • TEI program logic template - will guide you through the process of developing your own program logic.

The Data Exchange

Local data

  • Local data packs - select your local district to access data about your area. You can use this data to develop your program logic.

Sector Development Organisations

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Last updated: 17 Sep 2020