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  • Housing and homelessness

    Find out how we can help you find or keep your housing, how to apply for private rental assistance or social housing, understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or request help with a [...]

  • MyHousing

    MyHousing Online Services are simple and convenient online tools for housing clients. You can register and access your housing information and complete tasks online, in your own time.

  • Forms

    Browse forms by topic including housing, adoption, Out of Home Care, child protection, domestic and family violence

  • فارسی

    FACS می خواهد در نیو ساوث ویلز جوامع محلی قوی تری را از طریق حمایت افراد جامعه که به کمک بیشتر نیاز دارند، بسازد.

  • Samoan

    O le naunauga o le FACS ina ia fa’avaeina fa’a-alalafaga mautū o tagata i NSW e auala i le lagolagoina o tagata i lo tatou lotoifale o loo sili ona mana’omia fesoasoani.

  • News
    Last published on 06 Mar 2018 in News and media centre

    Listing of all news on Family & Community Services. Ordered by newest first

  • Who we are

    Ministers, executive team, organisational structure, districts

  • Youth

    Includes programs, projects, links, and additional information

  • Tongan

    ‘Oku faka‘amu ‘a e TACS ke langa mo poupou‘i ke mālohi mo tu‘utai e kakai ‘i he ngaahi komiuniti ‘i Niu Sauele ‘aki hono tokoni‘i e fa‘ahinga ‘oku nau faingata‘a‘ia taha´ [...]

  • Children, families and carers

    Report a child at risk, foster and kinship care, guardianship, adoption, Children's Court, laws, legal help, Mandatory Reporters, parenting, programs, services

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Last updated: 02 May 2019