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Child and Family District Units

Child and Family District Units (CFDUs) have been established in each of the FACS regions to coordinate referrals from FACS to OOHC funded agencies.

These units undertake a number of functions, including:

  • coordinate referrals to OOHC funded agencies
  • manage all aspects of Parental Responsibility (PR) and non delegable aspects of case management, post case management transfer
  • manage non-delegable aspects of PR following PR delegation to an OOHC funded agency.

See the referral process from FACS to OOHC funded agencies flowchart.


To assist the CFDU in making effective referrals to OOHC funded agencies, an interim Vacancy Management System (VMS) has been developed and implemented across the state.

The VMS assists the CFDU staff in identifying available and appropriate placement options across OOHC funded agencies.

OOHC funded agencies provide vacancy information to the CFDU using the placement vacancy form.

Referral forms

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Last updated: 09 Apr 2018