Tech Savvy Seniors

The Tech Savvy Seniors program provides low cost or free training so older people can learn to use technology such as computers, tablets and smart phones.

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Partnership with Telstra

The NSW Government and Telstra both recognise the importance of older people being connected and online and on Wednesday 30 January announced an 18 month partnership to extend the Tech Savvy Seniors program.

The partnership will help bridge the gap between those seniors who use technology, and those who don't. This will deliver real health, social and community benefits, especially for those in rural and remote areas.

The partnership will provide:

  • funding and training support to a range of Community Colleges and Libraries will enable appropriate training across NSW
  • a range of training material that can be used by all Tech Savvy Senior trainers and participants free of charge
  • a series of self teach training DVDs available for loan through NSW libraries from March 2013
  • easy to follow online self teach videos
  • a series of large scale training events across NSW to be announced as part of NSW Seniors Week.

The Tech Savvy Seniors program is part of the NSW Ageing Strategy.

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