Elder Abuse

Responding to abuse of older people

The NSW Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit was established as part of the NSW Ageing Strategy to help intervene and prevent incidences of elder abuse.

Older people who are experiencing abuse, or those who are concerned about an older person, can contact the NSW Elder Abuse Helpline on 1800 628 221. If you require an interpreter, first call 131 450 and tell the operator your preferred language.

The helpline is a free, confidential service that provides advice and referrals to support older people experiencing abuse.

Resources and information about elder abuse are also available on the website at www.elderabusehelpline.com.au

Elder Abuse Helpline and Resource Unit

1800 628 221

For service providers

The NSW interagency policy for preventing and responding to abuse of older people (2015), provides a framework for agencies when responding to the abuse of older people. It promotes a coordinated response to the abuse of older people living in community settings and gives workers and volunteers the tools to identify and respond quickly to suspected incidents of abuse. These can include:

  • neglect
  • physical
  • sexual
  • psychological or
  • financial abuse.

Reporting abuse

Any incident of harm to an elderly person in our community is of great concern.

All serious crimes, whether committed in the home, community or in residential aged care, should be reported to the NSW Police Force for investigation and appropriate action.

Section five of the Interagency protocol for responding to the abuse of older people provides help and contacts for workers when the abuse of an older person is:

  • alleged
  • disclosed
  • witnessed or
  • suspected.

Policy tools for professionals

The NSW Government in collaboration with the NSW Elder Abuse Helpline has developed tools to assist professionals to develop their own workplace elder abuse policy. These tools include a model policy, a policy checklist and policy response protocol. Please see PDFs below.

NSW interagency policy for preventing and responding to abuse of older people (2015),

Model policy

Policy checklist 

Policy response guideline