What’s in the Strategy

The NSW Ageing Strategy focuses on five priorities that older people across NSW have said are important to them:

  1. Health and wellbeing
  2. Working and retiring
  3. Housing choices
  4. Getting around
  5. Inclusive communities

Projects and initiatives under each priority area will be outlined in the Strategy’s implementation plans (to be published here soon).

These plans recognise NSW Government agencies’ key role in preparing for population ageing, by using existing planning processes to adapt services and infrastructure for the future, and enhance our focus on our ageing population in relevant large-scale programs.

The Year One Implementation Plan describes initiatives to be launched in the first year of the Strategy.  It also identifies programs which will be continued.

New or expanded initiatives will be further developed and detailed in an implementation plan for the following three years of the Strategy.

Our efforts will shift and evolve over the next four years as we assess outcomes and integrate learnings from our plan. Trying new initiatives, undertaking more research, developing our evidence base, and speaking with older people and our partners will support this process.

Highlight projects

There are over 60 projects in the year one implementation plan. More will be added in future implementation plans.

Examples of our Strategy projects include: