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Participation and Inclusion

The Participation and Inclusion Directorate (P&I) is part of the Programs and Service Design Division of the Department.

P&I works to empower all people to live fulfilling lives and achieve their potential in inclusive communities.

We do this because meaningful participation:

  1. is good for the individual, with evidence showing that individuals who meaningfully participate are healthier, happier and enjoy increased likelihood of longevity.
  2. builds social capital, thereby creating stronger, safer and more inclusive communities.
  3. is good for the economy, as it creates the necessary foundations for the cohesion needed to foster jobs growth and productivity.

To achieve its vision, P&I units work with and for different community cohorts by developing and implementing collaborative solutions that build on existing strengths and insights of the communities themselves. Business units within Participation and Inclusion are: Community Development, Policy and Multicultural Services; Youth and Community Building Projects; Ageing, Carers and Disability Council; and Disability Inclusion and Volunteering.

Community Development, Policy and Multicultural Services

The Community Development, Policy and Multicultural Services team:

  • creates relationships across government, the community sector and industry. We look for opportunities to work with other agencies and the corporate and not-for-profit sectors to better leverage other resources and to foster and build on community strength
  • works to improve the responsiveness of the Department to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse clients through: policy development; practical support for managers and staff; training and resources; and data and research
  • Provides strategic policy advice and coordination on issues affecting Participation and Inclusion
  • includes four Community Development Coordinators whose role includes:
    • identifying the strengths and needs of communities in their region, and opportunities for collaboration
    • brokering relationships across agencies and coordinating regional partnerships to deliver outcomes for communities
    • contributing regional knowledge and expertise to state and departmental planning activities and initiatives.

Youth and Community Building Projects

The Youth team:

  • Implements programs that encourage youth participation including the Youth Frontiers mentoring program and the Youth Opportunities grants program
  • Coordinates National Youth Week forums and events in NSW , including projects in partnership with local government.

Additional information on Youth policy and projects is available here.

The Community Building Partnership team:

  • administers the NSW Community Building Partnership Program on behalf of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet. The Program aims to create more vibrant and inclusive communities by supporting community infrastructure projects that encourage community participation, inclusion and cohesion.

Additional information and resources on the Community Building Partnership Program are available here.

Disability Inclusion and NSW Volunteering

The Disability Inclusion team:

  • Leads whole of government initiatives to support the participation of people with disabilities, including implementing the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan and supporting NSW Government agencies and councils to develop Disability Inclusion Action Plans
  • develops and implement a governance and reporting framework for the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan
  • builds and maintains partnerships with stakeholders from the volunteer, local government and corporate sectors

Additional information and resources regarding the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan are available here.

Additional information and guidelines for Disability Inclusion Action Planning are available here.

The Disability Employment Team:

  • leads the implementation of disability employment priority projects as part of Jobs for the Future: Adding 1 million rewarding jobs in NSW by 2036, a whole-of-government employment strategy
  • develops tools and strategies to promote disability employment across the NSW Public Sector
  • develops and implements strategies to engage employers and showcases the benefits of employing people with disability
  • builds and maintains partnerships across the NSW public and private sectors and business.

The NSW Volunteering team:

  • leads the implementation of the NSW Volunteering Strategy 2016 – 2020
  • develops and manages resources including the Volunteering NSW and Timebanking websites, online tools and volunteering social media
  • manages the Premier’s Volunteer Recognition Program and the student mobilisation campaign: Shape Your Future NSW
  • builds and maintains partnerships with stakeholders from the volunteer, local government and corporate sectors.

Additional information and resources for supporting volunteering in NSW, including toolkits for social media use and risk management are here.

Ageing, Carers, and the Disability Council NSW

The Ageing team:

  • develops and leads policy reform initiatives and community engagement strategies under the whole of government NSW Ageing Strategy
  • drives and monitors the implementation of the NSW Ageing Strategy and implements projects relating to the inclusive communities focus area
  • sets the policy agenda for NSW Seniors Festival
  • provides secretariat support for the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing.

Additional information about the Ageing Strategy is available here.

The Seniors Card team:

  • leads administration of the NSW Seniors Card including the development of corporate partnerships and increasing the number of businesses that provide discounts for card holders.

Additional information about the NSW Seniors Card, including information on membership and corporate partnership opportunities, is available here.

The Carers team:

  • leads cross-government policy, strategy and initiatives for carers through the implementation of the NSW Carers Strategy
  • produced the NSW Carers Strategy Progress Report documenting the first two years of progress since the Strategy was launched in August 2014
  • leads implementation of the Carers (Recognition) Act 2010
  • provides secretariat support to the NSW Carers Advisory Council
  • manages Carers Week and the NSW Carers Awards
  • manages carer grants with 16 organisations – including the peak body for carers (Carers NSW), the NSW Companion Card Scheme (delivered by National Disability Services (NDS)) and 14 smaller organisations that deliver a range of carer programs.

Additional information about the NSW Carers Strategy is available here.

The Disability Council NSW team:

  • provides secretariat support for the NSW Disability Council which is the official advisory body to the NSW Government. The purpose of the Council is to provide the Minister for Disability Services and the NSW Government with independent advice on matters that affect people with disability in NSW.

For more information about the Disability Council, please visit the Disability Council website available here.