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Events and projects

DCJ leads the implementation of the NSW Ageing Strategy. We are also delivering a number of projects under the Strategy. These include:

  • A new one-off grant program Combatting Social Isolation for Seniors during COVID-19  that will provide funding to organisations to create programs that foster social inclusion for seniors.
  • Art of Ageing exhibition – representing the diverse lives and experiences of older people in NSW.
  • Grandparents Day – an annual celebration of the contribution of grandparents and other older people to our families and communities.
  • Seniors Card – increasing the spread of businesses offering discounts to older people.
  • NSW Seniors Festival – a state-wide festival promoting positive ageing for NSW seniors through events which encourage older people to get involved in art, sport, music, entertainment, technology, travel, recreation, health and practice good nutrition. The festival encourages events at a local level and includes the following highlight projects.
  • Premier’s Gala Concert – one of the highlight events of the NSW Seniors Festival, these free concerts combine a variety of talent to produce a spectacular show for older people to enjoy.
  • NSW Seniors Festival Expo – an opportunity to showcase some of the services available to seniors to support a better quality of life.
  • NSW Seniors Festival Grants – a program providing $200,000 in seed funding to organisations and councils to run events and activities that advocate for positive ageing whilst contributing to their local communities.
  • Liveable Communities – funding innovative projects to make local communities more responsive and inclusive of the needs of older people.

We are also supporting the delivery of other Strategy projects through partnerships with not-for-profit and private sector organisations.

Modified Sport

The Modified Sports program offers low impact sports to help older people lead healthy, active and happy lives.

These are delivered in partnership with Football NSWNetball NSWGymnastics NSW, Softball NSW, Basketball NSW and Table Tennis NSW.

These modified sports give older people the opportunity to participate in lower-impact versions of these activities tailored for different ability levels.

Set up your own modified sport

The NSW Government has produced a Toolkit which can be used to support other sporting codes to adapt their sports for seniors. The Modified Sports Program evaluation demonstrates the effectiveness of the program.


For more information on how you can get involved in a modified sport, please contact:

Sport Contact details
Football NSW – Walking Football Email –
Phone – (02) 8814 4400
Netball NSW – Walking Netball Email –
Phone – (02) 9951 5020
Gymnastics NSW – Move for Life Email –
Phone – (02) 8116 4113
Softball NSW – Teeball Email –
Phone – (02) 9677 4000
Basketball NSW – Walking Basketball Email –
Phone – (02) 8765 8555
Table Tennis NSW – Active Table Tennis Email –
Phone – (02) 8736 1266

Cooking for One or Two

Cooking for One or Two is a health and nutrition program. It will provide workshops to educate older people on how to prepare healthy, cost-effective meals.  For more information, please call The Benevolent Society on 1800 236 762.

Tech Savvy Seniors

Tech Savvy Seniors supports older people to improve their digital literacy through low-cost or free training, and online resources for using new technology. It is delivered in partnership with Telstra and provides low-cost or free training so older people can learn to use technology such as computers, tablets and smart phones.

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Last updated: 11 May 2020