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Our research and consultations

The NSW Ageing Strategy was first released in 2012 as a ‘living’ document. In 2016, it was revised from the ground up based on the themes and ideas brought forward by older people.


To ensure the renewed Strategy is evidence-based and informed by older people and key partners, we consulted with people from across NSW. This included:

  • a state-wide listening tour, led by the Minister for Ageing, the Hon. John Ajaka MLC. Over 160 people attended consultations in Port Macquarie, Griffith, Bathurst, Goulburn, Nowra, Parramatta, Dubbo, Hawkesbury, Broken Hill and Tamworth
  • a public ‘Have Your Say’ survey, completed by over 700 people
  • a roundtable with private sector representatives, led by Minister Ajaka, to focus on how government can better work with the private sector
  • focus groups with older people from Aboriginal communities
  • focus groups with older people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • consultation with other NSW Government departments, including Multicultural NSW.

Overall, we heard from more than 4,300 older people of varying ages, cultural backgrounds and locations in NSW. The results are reflected throughout the Strategy. They helped us to better understand and respond to the needs of older people.

We are committed to speaking with and hearing from older people and other partners in government, the community and the private sector across NSW over the life of the Strategy.

On 15 April 2016, then Minister Ajaka invited representatives from the private sector, for-profit, not-for-profit and research and policy bodies to attend a roundtable on ageing in NSW. This Roundtable Summary provides an overview of the key discussion points from the session.


The Strategy draws on research on the experiences of our ageing population. We undertook research specifically for the Strategy, as well as using the extensive literature that already exists. We will continue to support research that helps us to understand the needs of older people.

The Strategy also reflects the findings of the independent evaluation of the original NSW Ageing Strategy.

The NSW Ageing Strategy Research Report was commissioned to gain an understanding of the NSW population aged 50 to 60 and their thoughts about ageing, particularly in regards to current experiences, level of thought and planning, perceived needs, preferences and attitudes around:

  • housing, such as location, design and affordability
  • health, in terms of accessibility to healthcare services and availability of amenities and planning for future health needs
  • transport, in terms of private and public transport options, availability of community transport and planning ahead for life after driving
  • employment, retirement and financial planning
  • the trend towards working longer into later years than previous generations
  • ageism in the workforce
  • participation in non-employment-related activities
  • liveable communities.
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019