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What's in the Strategy


Read the NSW Ageing Strategy Year Three Progress Report and NSW Ageing Strategy Year Four Action Plan.


Population ageing is changing life in NSW. Our economy, labour market, healthcare and other essential services, and the fabric of our communities are evolving.

The NSW Ageing Strategy 2016–2020 is the NSW Government’s commitment to respond to the opportunities and challenges of our ageing population.

Our vision is that people in NSW experience the benefits of living longer and enjoy opportunities to participate in, contribute to and be included in their communities.

The Strategy focuses on five priorities that older people across NSW have said are important to them:

  1. Health and wellbeing
  2. Working and retiring
  3. Housing choices
  4. Getting around
  5. Inclusive communities

Projects and initiatives under each priority area are outlined in the Strategy’s annual action plans.

These plans recognise the key role of NSW Government agencies in preparing for population ageing by using existing planning processes to adapt services and infrastructure for the future, and enhance our focus on our ageing population in relevant large-scale programs.

The Year Two Action Plan includes 55 initiatives across the five priority areas, led by a range of NSW Government agencies.

FACS leads the implementation of the Strategy and is delivering a range of projects. For information about these projects, see What we are doing under the Strategy.

New or expanded initiatives will be further developed and detailed in subsequent plans.

Our efforts will continue to shift and evolve over the remaining years of the Strategy as we assess outcomes and integrate learnings from our initiatives.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019