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The NSW Government has established the Ageing and Disability Commissioner to better protect adults with disability and older people from abuse, neglect and exploitation by someone they know in their home, or community.

You can find out more on the Commission’s website.

Why is the Commissioner needed?

The NSW Government takes its responsibility to safeguard the most vulnerable members of our community seriously. Unfortunately, people with disability and older people can be more vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation.

A number of reviews and inquiries have highlighted opportunities for the NSW Government to do more to address this issue. These include the recent Parliamentary Inquiry report into the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and provision of disability services, the Ombudsman’s recent report Abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults in NSW – the need for action, the Law Reform Commission’s Review of the Guardianship Act 1987 and the 2016 Parliamentary Inquiry into Elder Abuse.

The establishment of the Commissioner will address the concerns raised in these reports, by strengthening our ability to respond to abuse, neglect and exploitation of adults with disability and older people in home and community settings.

What does the Commissioner do?

The main role of the Commissioner is to:

  • investigate allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of adults with disability and older people in home and community settings
  • provide support to vulnerable adults and their families or carers following an investigation
  • report and make recommendations to government on systemic issues related to abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • raise community awareness of abuse, neglect and exploitation, including how to prevent, identify and respond to matters
  • administer the Official Community Visitors program, in relation to disability services and assisted boarding houses.

What powers does the Commissioner have?

The Commissioner has strong powers to ensure they are able to properly investigate matters.

These include:

  • the power to initiate investigations on their own motion, or following a referral or complaint
  • the power to apply for and execute a search warrant, and seize evidence, as part of an investigation
  • information gathering and sharing powers.

Importantly, the Commissioner is independent and not subject to Ministerial direction and control in exercising its functions.

Where can I report concerns about abuse, neglect and exploitation?

You can seek help from one of the following relevant bodies. In an emergency always call 000.

In New South Wales:

For abuse of older people and adults with disability call:
NSW Ageing and Disability Abuse Helpline
1800 628 221 (Mon-Fri, 9-5)

For abuse of children with disability call:
132 111 (24/7)

Nationally (across Australia):

For abuse of an older person call:
The Elder Abuse Hotline
1800 353 374

For abuse of a person with disability call: 
National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline 
1800 880 052

For conduct of a disability service provider call: 
NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission 
1800 035 544

For conduct of an aged care service provider call: 
Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
1800 550 552

For more information please visit 
Ageing and Disability Commission website

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019