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The NSW Disability Inclusion Plan provides direction to government and a framework for partnership with people with disability, key agencies and members of the community.

Disability Inclusion Action Plans operationalise the four focus areas of the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan and provide an approach to addressing issues through engagement, planning and co-design of solutions.

The resources on this page are provided to assist in the development of actions targeting the 4 focus areas:

1. Positive community attitudes and behaviours

Changing community attitudes toward greater inclusion of people with disability

Family and Community Services has commissioned a review of the evidence on disability employment.

Attitudes toward, and beliefs about, people with disability are important determinants of social inclusion. Misconceptions, negative attitudes and a lack of knowledge can affect many aspects of life for people with disabilities, including employment opportunities.

Research on community attitudes toward inclusion of people with disabilities, and employer attitudes toward workers with disabilities, indicates that stigmatisation is still prevalent.

Changing negative community and employer attitudes toward people with disabilities, and challenging stigma, is likely to make a positive contribution toward greater inclusion. This report presents the current evidence concerning changing attitudes and beliefs about people with disability.

Other resources

2. Liveable communities

Accessible tourism

Access to print and online information

Access to environment

Translation and Interpreting Services

3. Supporting access to meaningful employment

4. Accessible systems and processes

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Last updated: 28 Feb 2022