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If you’re a health professional, educator, service provider or employer, you can make a big difference in the lives of carers.

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Resources for health professionals and services

Resources for educators

Resources for service providers

  • Carers NSW service provider education - free one hour training sessions for government and non-government organisations and service providers working directly or indirectly with carers. The sessions will help organisations identify carers and provide their workers with a better understanding of the unique nature of carers' needs and issues.
  • Hidden carers in social housing eLearning module - builds your knowledge and skills to help you identify and support hidden carers in social housing.

Resources for employers

  • Carers + Employers program supports workplaces across NSW to become more carer-friendly and inclusive, and is powered by a network of employers to champion improved outcomes for carers.

Resources – research

Resources – legal

DCJ Carer Strategy Update Newsletter

DCJ sends out a bi-monthly Carer Strategy Update newsletter to organisations that support carers. If you would like to join the list to receive the newsletter please subscribe via the signup form or send an email to

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Last updated: 05 Oct 2021