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3Bridges Community Limited

The 3Bridges Community project ‘I’m still here’ is a theatre-based health promotion project. The project will address the stigma surrounding dementia to improve the quality of life for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people with dementia and their carers in south east Sydney. The project will include research into the perceptions, understanding and impact of dementia on older people’s social engagement; and workshops, radio segments, theatrical plays and resource packs to increase awareness and allow the project to be replicated in other areas.

To find out more about 'I’m still here', please email Ibtisam Hammoud or call (02) 9580 0688.

ALL Sustainable Futures Inc.

The Tiny House project will connect the South Coast Aboriginal community at Jerrinja with planning, building and architecture professionals to co-design a series of affordable, sustainable, age appropriate and accessible tiny houses. The project will see a village of Tiny Houses built on Jerrinja land, and includes a design competition and master planning with stakeholders. The community will establish a housing enterprise staffed by community members to build and manage the village and provide training, employment and income.

To find our more about the Tiny House project, please email Lisa Miller or call 0407 661 168.

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW will move its pilot Dementia Friendly Communities (DFC) project in Port Macquarie into stage two with its Liveable Communities grant funding. During the pilot phase, the project gained significant momentum and had very encouraging initial results. Stage 2 will include a state-wide ‘roll-out’ strategy and will enable Alzheimer’s Australia to develop and implement a robust monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement strategy.

To find out more about the Dementia Friendly Communities program, visit the Alzheimer’s Australia website or contact Gary Thomas on (02) 6584 7444.

Australian Red Cross Society

The Australian Red Cross Society’s ‘Elders on the Go’ project will increase outreach services for the Wolkara Elders group in the Blacktown local government area. The Wolkara Elders group provides opportunities for older Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander community members from the Blacktown and surrounding areas to come together socially and perform community outreach activities and services. The project will include reliable transport to enable current and potential volunteers to provide mentoring and social outreach, the recruitment of a male support worker to support the growth of men’s business within the group, and more culturally appropriate activities for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.

Bankstown City Council

The ‘Inter-generate’ Program will develop a prototype for professionally facilitated arts-based workshops for older people from CALD and Aboriginal backgrounds in Bankstown. During the workshops – and by using a range of art forms such as storytelling, writing and performance – younger and older community members will extract the oral histories of elders to explore place, migration, identity, and imagination. The project will culminate in a major performance and exhibition. This process will be developed through participatory action research, which involves participants directly in a cycle of input and engagement, ongoing documentation and evaluation. Inter-generate will be presented as a best practice arts-based model to connect older community members to programs and maintain their engagement.

Bankstown Women’s Health Centre

The Kitchen Project will help alleviate feelings of isolation among seniors by fostering a sense of connectedness to their local community. The funding will be used to establish a pilot program over 12 months in Bankstown local government area. The project will involve existing local community services, such as school kitchens, Bankstown Community Transport group, Second Bite, Food Bank and Love Food Hate Waste. Seniors will come together weekly with VET students in Years 11 and 12 who are undertaking a certificate in hospitality, or students who study Community and Family Studies, to cook, share life experiences and enjoy a meal. All participants will have equal opportunity to contribute to activities depending on their physical capacity.

To find out more about the Kitchen Project, visit the Bankstown Women’s Health Centre’s website or contact Kerrie Newcombe on (02) 9890 1378.

Blacktown City Council

Blacktown City seniors will have the opportunity to have their stories recorded and preserved for future generations through the ‘Blacktown Memories’ pilot project. Blacktown City Libraries will assist organisations that serve seniors and their families, including aged-care facilities, health care providers and seniors centres, to incorporate an interview program into their services. Staff will be trained to conduct and record conversations with seniors. A website will be published featuring digitised material from the library’s local history collection, including digitised photographs, ephemera and over 30 hours of recorded interviews.

Coonamble Shire Council

The project ‘Safe Coonamble’ will help answer the question: 'How can we make it safer for older people who are victims of crime by family members?' The project will focus specifically on solutions to theft by family members/friends. The project will aim to co-develop solutions and will work with the target group to develop whole-of-community strategies that engage different sectors of the community in home safety and support.


discoDtours is a social enterprise business that uses silent disco technology to create unique dancing tours  to raise money for charity. The concept will be adapted to help senior citizens stay connected and physically and mentally healthy. This program will combine three traditional stand-alone therapies into one unique experience focused on dance, music and exercise. The project involves a 10-week pilot program in the Narrabeen RSL Village, and six additional sessions to explore how this could be used with dementia patients and those with limited mobility.

To find out more about the project, visit the discoDtours website or contact Alison Harrington on 0416 210 187.

Far West HACC Services Inc.

Far West HACC Services will establish the Broken Hill Senior’s Lounge as a comfortable, accessible hub for aged people in Broken Hill to meet, socialise and hold events. Operating on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) principles, the project will provide a framework of support, resources and assistance for Broken Hill’s older community members to connect with, and participate in, the life of their community. The project will also enable participating seniors to build their own strengths, capacities and social capital, which will contribute positively to the  whole community. The lounge will cater for older Broken Hill residents and their carers.

Visit the Far West HACC Services website to find out more information or contact Sue Johnstone on (08) 8087 4284.

Feros Care

Feros is committed to transforming the lives of socially isolated seniors by delivering a Virtual Seniors Centre. Feros will pilot and evaluate the outcomes, experience, functionality and enjoyment of a virtual centre prototype with up to 192 housebound and residential clients in the Far North Coast of New South Wales. Co-designed with seniors, the virtual centre will enable participants to link, interact and participate in a range of social, educational and cultural online activities facilitated by both the Feros team and seniors themselves, including events, tours, health programs, education, and online discussions.

IRT Foundation

IRT Foundation proposes to develop and stage the ‘Career Health Check for Mature Workers’ in the Illawarra region of NSW. This will operate as a one-stop shop where employers, financial advisors and key representatives from government, business, unions and volunteering will provide free advice to enable mature age workers to check up on their career and plan for the future. Career Health Check participants will receive personalised skills assessments, basic advice about the growing sectors that need workers, where jobs are located in the Illawarra region and what skills and credentials are required to fill those positions. The program will also equip older workers to tackle potential age discrimination and positively discuss their rights regarding flexible work arrangements.

To find out more about the Career Health Check for Mature Workers program, visit the IRT Foundation website, email IRT or call 1800 024 915.

Justice Connect

Justice Connect’s innovative Health Justice Partnership (HJP) model aims to reach vulnerable older people who are experiencing abuse by someone they know and trust. Research indicates that 80% of perpetrators are family members, often children. By integrating legal advice into a health care setting, Justice Connect aims to reach people earlier, achieving better legal, financial and health outcomes. A lawyer will be employed part-time for six months to scope a pilot Health Justice Partnership (HJP) model in Sydney’s west.

To find out more, visit the Justice Connect website or contact Siobhan Ryan on (02) 8599 2106.

University of Sydney

‘Treasured Possessions’ is a project that will encourage seniors to reflect on treasured objects from their own lives as a way of connecting with the past and with others. The project will run over eight weeks and include talks, museum visits and group discussions. This will culminate in a multi-media exhibition of treasured possessions and stories created by the participants. The University of Sydney will run this program with the assistance of a facilitator from the Illawarra Migrant Heritage Project, which will also recruit participants.

To find out more, visit the Treasured Possessions website or contact Dr Kimberley Knight on (02) 9351 6832.

Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre

Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre will run a social media campaign encouraging older people to ‘live, learn, care, share, contribute and connect’ through a series of four humorous and informative four-minute YouTube videos chronicling the exploits of two fictitious senior citizens, Fred and Farid. The duo is a quintessential 'odd couple' – one is an ex-tradesperson, the other a refugee and now-retired mortgage broker. Storylines will endearingly cover their escapades in leveraging their senior citizen benefits and entitlements 'to the max', embarrassing their relatives and inspiring their peers.

Magic Cupboard Interactive Pty Ltd

Magic Cupboard Interactive is a new joint venture between Design Wave Pty Ltd and Pixelkrunch Pty Ltd. Spark*Connection is a project designed to provide recent retirees aged 55+ to help stay mentally active and socially engaged by using innovative digital technologies. Spark*Connection addresses the issue that transitioning from full-time employment to retirement can lead to a loss of wealth, lifestyle, self-image and purpose, which can cause serious decline in mental health and wellbeing. Spark*Connection aims to create change for this target group by providing engaging social activity that utilises their professional expertise and knowledge to assist others.

To find out more, visit the Spark Connection website.

National Parks Association of NSW

Spending time in natural areas keeps people healthier and happier but accessing them can be challenging for older people and people with a disability (PWD). The association will improve seniors’ access to natural areas by identifying and then providing information about the accessibility of NSW bushwalking tracks, such as gate heights, and location of toilets and seats.  A manual on how to document bushwalking tracks to improve access for all will be produced. The aim is to improve the level of information about naturally accessible areas (not just tracks with short concrete paths), so that everybody can confidently enjoy the bush.

For more information, contact Dr Helen Smith on 0432 832 698

NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS)

The project, to be delivered across the four regional areas of Newcastle, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour and Wagga Wagga, aims to improve service delivery to meet the diverse needs of older people. The project will empower older people with diverse needs by raising awareness and facilitating increased community interactions around the issues of ageing as shaped by cultural attitudes, family roles and responsibilities, and beliefs about health and disability. The project will build the capacity of service providers and community leaders to effectively engage with older people with diverse needs, through enhanced cultural competence, and better understanding of the refugee experience and ageing with dignity in Australia.

For more information about the project, visit the STARTTS website or contact Sue Cunningham on (02) 9794 1900.

Charles Sturt University

The University will develop a spatial tool to enable local council to strategically plan urban parks based on demographics, travel time and park usage, to provide age-friendly parks that support the health of older people. The tool will be based on sophisticated spatial modelling that combines data on parks, amenities, demographics, travel networks and indicators of attractiveness, to develop scenarios for current and future parks. A prototype of the tool will be developed in conjunction with Albury City and piloted in Albury, NSW.

To find out more about the tool, contact Dr Rachel Whitsed (02) 6051 9641.

Macquarie University

The ‘myMoves’ program is a physical wellbeing program delivered by internet and phone that aims to empower Australians with chronic health conditions to maintain safe and healthy physical activity levels. myMoves comprises six core lessons delivered over eight weeks. The program will provide essential information and teach participants to safely increase and sustain healthy physical activity levels, despite having a significant chronic health condition. The program is based on best-practice behaviour change and habit formation principles, and includes brief support from a qualified physiotherapist. Additional resources, detailed case stories and real-world examples from previous participants will be developed as a result of the program.

To find out more information, visit the myMoves website or contact Dr Taryn Jones on (02) 9850 2796.

The Aged-care Rights Services Inc. trading as Seniors Rights Service

With a ‘train-the-trainer’ type of model, this project will develop a grassroots network of older people that will offer skilled peer-based support services to other older people across NSW. The project will draw upon existing well-established networks of older people, including those from diverse backgrounds. In collaboration with TAFE NSW, a cohort of older people from existing community-based organisations will participate in a tailored course designed to build their advocacy and training skill sets. Graduates will then be able to offer support to other peers in their networks.

To find out more information, go to the Seniors Right Service website.

Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry, University of NSW

The Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry at UNSW aims to reduce lifestyle-related diseases and deaths in older people with intellectual disability by developing healthy lifestyle training tools and an intervention package. The department will develop an intervention package to help people with an intellectual disability to engage in healthy lifestyle programs. The project includes the development of a free on-line training module to equip allied health professionals to work effectively with people with intellectual disability.

To find out more information, visit the UNSW website or contact Professor Julian Troller on (02) 9931 9160.

University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) research indicates that ‘cohousing’ can help older people age with dignity by providing an affordable home that they love, connectedness to their friends and local community across generations, good access to care, and a positive social and environmental impact. However, uptake of cohousing is hindered by legal, financial and cultural barriers. UTS will use their Liveable Communities grant to investigate ways to overcome these barriers and activate cohousing as a viable option for ageing with dignity. This work will include interviewing stakeholders, hosting qualitative focus groups, and developing and disseminating the resulting information and resources.

To find out more information, visit the UTS website or contact Dr Chris Riedy (02) 9514 4964.

Western Sydney University

The university will explore the experiences of gender and sexually diverse (G&SD) women aged 55 and older with health, social and aged-care services. The project will develop a website with an anonymous forum, resources, and opportunities for G&SD women to safely connect with one another about their use, access and experience of health, social and aged-care services. It will also provide opportunities for present and future health, social and aged care workers/carers to build capacity in LGBTIQ-friendly service provision.

To find out more information, visit the project website or contact Dr Tinashe Dune.

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Last updated: 18 Apr 2018