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The Art of Ageing is a photographic exhibition that celebrates the value, experience and contribution older people bring, and challenges out-dated perceptions of ageing.

The 2018–19 exhibition comprises 30 images taken by five photographers from regional NSW. Each photograph is accompanied by a short story highlighting the subject's experiences and reflections on ageing. Please take a moment to view all of the photos by clicking into each of the five frames below.

Purpose behind the exhibitions

Addressing ageism is a priority of the NSW Ageing Strategy. Ageism is negative stereotyping, prejudice, or discrimination against people based on their age, and it is experienced by many older people in NSW. Ageism takes form within individuals’ attitudes, institutional and policy practices, as well as media representation that devalues and excludes older people.

During consultations undertaken for the NSW Ageing Strategy, older people expressed concerns that younger people do not value or respect them. This is consistent with research by the Australian Human Rights Commission, which found a high prevalence of negative attitudes and stereotyping of older people. The report linked these attitudes with the high rates of age discrimination older people experience.

The NSW Government is committed to addressing ageism by supporting initiatives that improve respect for and social inclusion of older people – particularly those that promote positive images of older people in the media, educate younger generations, provide opportunities for intergenerational connection and recognise older people’s contributions to their communities.

The feedback received from the attendees to the 2016 exhibition showed that it successfully challenged negative perceptions of ageing and older people, while inspiring a positive vision of ageing.

How can I be involved?

There are a number of ways you can be involved in the Art of Ageing. You can:

  • visit the 2018 exhibition
  • what did you think of the exhibition? Please take this quick survey.
  • post on social media: @artofageing #yearsahead #artofageing Senior’s Card Facebook.
  • take the Ageing Attitudes Quiz: check your attitudes against these commonly held views of ageing and older persons to find out how much you know about ageing and older people.

Who do I contact?

(02) 8753 8222

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