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Critical Bridges: meeting challenges at points of transition in education by working together

The Critical Bridges DVD was developed by the Disability Council and the Department of Education. Lots of people have a hard time as they go through changes when moving from one stage of life to another. The DVD covers how people with disability deal with changes.

The three changes covered are:

  1. Going from pre-school to school.
  2. Leaving school.
  3. Getting a disability when you are an adult - from an accident or illness.

To receive a copy of the DVD, email:

The DVDs are called "Critical Bridges" because we all need to find a bridge to get us across from one stage in life to the next. Critical Bridges is available in 3 sections if you prefer to download the content

More than Getting Through the Gate: The involvement of parents who have a disability in their children's school education in NSW ByRobinson, S, Hickson, F, and Strike, R (2001)

This is a report that was written for the Disability Council and it is about people with disability who have children who attend school. It covers the first day of school and all the forms you need to fill out. It also talks about how to get to know the school, the teachers, the staff and other parents. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it's hard.

There are 2 different copies you can download, one is in pdf format, and one in word format.

It's called, "More than Getting Through the Gate" because getting through the gate of the school is just the first thing you do when your kids go to school. There is a lot more to it than that.

One of the Kids: Educating children with and without disabilities in the same classrooms and schools (1998) By Stroeve, W.

This was a handbook made especially for the Disability Council. It covered some of the problems, and some solutions so people can have their dream of sending their kid to the school down the road, and not to a "special" school. As the information in this handbook is not current this resource is no longer available.

Consultation and people with a disability. Issues for government and public sector management (1997) By Scales, I.

Many people with disability are unhappy because people in Government say they are going to consult with them and then they don't consult. Or they do talk to them, but they don't take any notice of what they say. Or they give little notice to go to a meeting.

This article covers how to consult with people with disability. It is for Government and other organisations too. We hope they will change the way they talk to people with disability after they read it.

Consultation and people with a disability: Issues for government and public sector management

For more information on the publications on this page, please send an email to:

Consultations with people with disability and their families from non-English speaking backgrounds

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Last updated: 03 Sep 2021