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Our purpose

As defined in the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, the purpose of the Council is to provide the Minister for Disability Services with independent advice on matters that affect people with disability in NSW, as well as their families and carers.

The Council seeks for all people with disability to experience the full effects of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Council works so that people with disability can fully participate in the life of the community through:

  • being empowered and in control of their lives
  • having their physical, social, cultural and economic needs met
  • living safely, free of fear and discrimination
  • being included in all facets of society and having opportunities to participate as equals
  • being valued and respected.

Our priorities

The Council’s four focus areas for 2020-2021

  1. Employment
    Aim: To promote opportunities for improving pathways to and in employment for people with disability.  Leverage off the opportunity in the Disability Inclusion Action Plans and NSW Government commitment to increasing employment of people with disability.

  2. National Disability Insurance Scheme
    Aim: To promote the need for services and supports that are not addressed by the NDIS and particularly its intersection with health services.

  3. National agenda
    Aim: To build relationships and exert influence on national activities.  Particularly focus on building a national voice with equivalent Councils in other States and in the Commonwealth.

  4. Advice
    Aim: To ensure the perspective of people with disability is effectively expressed in the development and implementation of Government policy and programs.

Our vision

A socially just community in which Government policy and practice reflect the lives and experiences of people with disability as individuals, family members and participants with many roles in a broad range of diverse settings, remaining always mindful of the rights of people with disability,respecting their choices, celebrating their diversity and valuing their contributions.

Disability Council Direction Statement 2020-2021

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Last updated: 03 Sep 2021