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Requesting maintenance and repairs

Tenants can expect quality maintenance work and consistent maintenance standards across the state.

Most maintenance is undertaken through a planned work program so that all DCJ properties are maintained to our asset standards.

You can request non-urgent repairs quickly and easily below:

Request a repair

You can also request a non-urgent repair request via the MyHousing mobile app.

You can also call the Maintenance Line with any maintenance requests 24 hours, 7 days, all year round.

Maintenance Line
1800 422 322

Your local DCJ office has telephones with direct links to the Housing Contact Centre maintenance line for your use when requesting maintenance on your home.

Follow the instruction prompts when you call. You need to enter your postcode during the call so have it ready before you dial.

You can ask a DCJ staff member to assist you.

Responding to your requests

After describing your repair or maintenance problem to the operator, your maintenance will be categorised and allocated an expected response time.

Sometimes, if the repair is urgent, we may send out a contractor promptly in response. If the repair cannot be completed at that time, the contractor will undertake interim repairs to ensure your home is safe and then return to complete the repair within a reasonable timeframe.

The expected response times are:

  • 2 to 8 hours for maintenance problems that need prompt action because of health, safety or security concerns (for example, electrical hazards, gas leaks, flood or sewer overflows in common areas)
  • 24 to 48 hours for problems that need prompt action because of safety or security (for example, no internal working lights, blocked external drains, stoves or hot water heaters not working)
  • 20 days for general repairs and maintenance requests that cannot wait for planned works

If the repair request is of a type that is undertaken as part of a future planned work program it will be completed to the existing schedule.

Annual compliance assessment

DCJ contractors will conduct an annual compliance assessment to service smoke alarms and ensure they work properly. At the same time, a quick inspection of the property will be undertaken to check the condition of the following components:

  • internal paint and external paint
  • floor finishes
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • roof
  • windows
  • fencing

You will receive a letter to let you know the date of the inspection in advance.

Planned program of works

Most maintenance is carried out under a planned program of works.

The annual compliance assessment information will be used to identify what work is required on your home. These details will inform the planned program of works.

What you can expect of maintenance contractors

All contractors carrying out maintenance and repairs for DCJ must:

  • contact you in advance to arrange a suitable time to attend your home
  • show their identification when they arrive
  • behave courteously
  • carry out repairs and maintenance safely and to required standards
  • complete work within an agreed time frame.

Your responsibility for home maintenance

You have responsibilities to maintain your home. You must:

  • keep your home in good condition throughout your tenancy
  • allow maintenance contractors to enter your home to complete inspections, regular servicing or other maintenance work. Remember that Saturday is a 'work day' for contractors
  • pay for the cost of any damage to your home that you have caused that cannot be considered 'fair wear and tear' Exceptions are where damage to your home is caused through criminal activity of a third party or by the perpetrator during a domestic and family violence offence. For more information, see Tenant Repair Costs.

Feedback or complaints

Occasionally, we will telephone tenants to get feedback about maintenance recently received so that we can improve our services. These calls may take up to 15 minutes. We encourage you to participate in these surveys but we also understand that you may not be able to participate so let us know when we call, the decision is yours.

If you would like to make a complaint or need assistance with your maintenance concern, you can discuss this with your Client Service Officer.

If you want to make a complaint or provide feedback about your maintenance or related services you can contact the DCJ Client Feedback Service.

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Last updated: 04 Mar 2020