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Helping people to live safely and independently in their home, with or without support, improves their quality of life. FACS assists eligible tenants and approved applicants to modify their home to help them live independently.

Who can request home modifications?

Tenants or approved housing applicants with an identified need for a disability modification can request a modified/adaptable home or to have a property modified.

What kinds of modifications are available?

Modifications can be minor or major changes.

Examples of minor modifications include:

  • installing a hand held shower set
  • changing to lever style taps
  • strobe light smoke alarms

Examples of major modifications include:

  • widening doorways
  • providing ramp access
  • modifying the kitchen, bathroom or laundry

Once we receive a request for home modification/s, we will work with you and your health care professional to find the best way to meet your needs at home.

What information is needed to support my modification request?

In most cases, modifications require an occupational therapist to visit your home to assess your needs. The occupational therapist will then prepare a written report and summary to FACS that specifies your requirements.

If you require lever style taps, a handheld shower or removal of carpet, you can provide FACS with a letter of recommendation from a licensed health professional.

How do I arrange an occupational therapist assessment?

Your doctor or other medical professional can refer you to an occupational therapist.

Generally, your doctor or occupational therapist will send the report and summary directly to us. In some cases, they may give the report and summary to you to send on to us.

How do we assess a request for home modifications?

FACS’ Disability Modification Policy guides our assessment of modification requests. It considers the following factors:

  • whether you will be able to sustain a successful tenancy with the requested modification
  • whether your home can be physically modified to match your needs

If we decline a modification request, we will advise you why in writing.

How long do property modifications take to complete?

The time it takes to modify a property depends on the work required.

As a guide:

  • minor modifications may take up to 10 working days
  • major modifications may take up to 90 working days

Your local FACS Housing office will keep you and your occupational therapist updated during this process.

What happens when the work is completed?

Once the modification is complete we will inspect the finished work.

If an occupational therapist report was used, we will confirm with the occupational therapist that it meets your needs.

What happens if I don’t agree with a decision?

If you are unhappy with our decision, please discuss your concerns with your local Client Service Officer. If you still disagree with the decision you may request that FACS review its decision.

For further information, please refer to appeals and reviewing decisions.

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