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We value the work of foster, kinship and relative carers, and think their role will be more important than ever to support each child or young person’s pathway to permanency.

However, foster care is not a long-term option.

Together with the sector, Family and Community Services (FACS) is developing a new approach to the recruitment, development of carers who can support a child’s return home to their family, as well as guardians and people who wish to adopt a child or a young person from out-of-home care.

It aims to clarify the different roles people can play to support vulnerable children and families, and where required, give more children and young people a loving, permanent home for life.

To undertake the new approach, FACS is seeking a new non-government partner or consortium, identified through an open tender process. More information is available in the FAQ page.

We want to recruit enough restoration, emergency and respite carers so that children and families can be supported close to home and within their existing community wherever possible.

Where children cannot remain with their family we want to recruit more prospective guardians and adoptive parents. Every child or young person deserves to have a stable, nurturing and safe home. Guardianship and open adoption give them this opportunity if it is not possible to return to their birth family or live with extended family.

For those wishing to adopt a child or young person, the NSW Government is committed to streamlining the process involved. A means-tested adoption allowance will also help those who require financial assistance to meet the child’s needs.

When it comes to the recruitment, development and support of carers of Aboriginal children and young people, the focus will be on ensuring carers are trained and supported to provide culturally embedded therapeutic care.