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Every child and young person needs to feel safe, secure and loved. Usually that should be with their parents.

However, there will be circumstances where a child or young person cannot stay with their parents, either for a short time or on a long-term basis. In these cases a child or young person may be cared for by foster, relative or kin carers , or more permanently by:

Carers are supported by My Forever Family NSW in addition to staff from DCJ or their non government organisation (NGO).

My Forever Family NSW recruits, trains and supports carers, guardians and adoptive parents across NSW. This can include providing emergency, short-term, respite, restoration, relative/kin or long-term care.

My Forever Family NSW recruits all types of people to be carers including people who are:

  • Aboriginal
  • culturally and linguistically diverse
  • from the LGBTQI community.

They work closely with NGOs to support their work and are keen to hear from anybody who might like to get in touch. You can contact them via or 1300 782 975.

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Last updated: 02 Nov 2018