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Operational rules and practice guidance

Delivering the PSP including transitional arrangements, permanency case management, legal matters, roles and responsibilities and more

Transitional Arrangements

The Permanency Case Management Policy, Rules and Practice Guidance commenced on 1 October 2017.

A transitional period from 1 October till 30 June 2018 enables ongoing provision of quality care to children [1] and services to their parents, family/kin and carers as the Permanency Support Program (PSP) rolls-out. It allows FACS and external service providers to implement the policy and test the rules and practice guidance – as practice learning, the experiences of children [1] and families and permanency outcomes become evident.

Specific transitional arrangements that apply during implementation include:

  • FACS District Implementation Teams working with service providers [2] will lead implementation at the local level. This will be support by FACS Central Office and peaks.
  • Although the primary funding arrangement for contracting external service providers will be the Packaged Care Service Model, full service operation will not commence until 1 July 2018.
  • With the introduction of the FACS Funded Contract Management Framework, FACS districts will align their structure and operating models with the Permanency Support Program (PSP). This means there will be changes to the way FACS work with external service providers as referral pathways, systems and procedures are developed.

[1] Throughout this document ‘child and/or young person’ is shortened to ‘child’; 'children and/or young people' is shortened to ‘children’.

[2] Throughout this document, ‘service provider’ refers to a FACS internal service OR funded external service provider unless otherwise indicated.

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