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If you are on your L's and have completed at least 50 hours of log book driving time, you can be eligible to enrol in a Safer Drivers Course for free (usually $140).

This course teaches you how to minimise road risks by developing safe driving behaviour and is available in almost 250 locations across NSW - find a course provider close to you.

As well as making you a safer driver, completing this course you will earn a bonus 20 hours log book credit, so you only need to finish 100 hours of supervised driving outside the course.

To be eligible for a free place, you must:

  • hold a valid NSW Learner driver’s licence
  • be aged under 25 years
  • have completed a minimum of 50 log book driving hours (not counting any 3-for-1 bonus hours, and some of those hours need to include night driving)
  • provide a letter – evidence of OOHC status for Safer Drivers Course.

This factsheet has more information on eligibility and how to enrol - ask your carer or caseworker to help you to complete the forms.

How to enrol

1. Find and nominate a course provider in your area (your caseworker or carer can help you find a provider).

2. Obtain evidence of OOHC status. Your FACS or NGO caseworker will provide you with a completed letter – evidence of OOHC status for Safer Drivers Course. See example letter from FACS and example letter from an NGO.

3. Confirm free place on Safer Drivers Course by emailing to advise of an OOHC enrolment. This can be done by your caseworker, carer or you can do it yourself.

You will need to provide:

  • your name
  • date of birth
  • learner driver’s licence number
  • scanned copy of the letter – evidence of OOHC status for Safer Drivers Course
  • nominated course provider and location
  • your contact details including an email address.

4. Roads and Maritime Services will inform the nominated course provider within 5 days that the learner driver is eligible to attend Safer Drivers Course at no cost. You (or your caseworker) will receive a confirmation email to inform you that the nominated course provider is aware of the pending enrolment.

5. You can now enrol. Contact the nominated course provider within 2 months of receiving confirmation from Roads and Maritime Services to enrol into the Safer Drivers Course.

Visit the YOU website to read about more help to get your driver licence - including free lessons, support and mentoring programs.

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Last updated: 13 Feb 2018