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When you turn 18, you can ask for support from your caseworker to access certain personal files including:

  • birth certificates
  • school reports
  • medical reports
  • personal photographs.

Information may sometimes be distressing and DCJ might recommend special arrangements such as a psychologist or counsellor’s presence while you access the file.

If you have been separated from your family due to your time in care, DCJ can help you find out about family members.

Family tracing services are also available to help you contact family members who have been separated in out-of-home care.

You also have the right to your personal possessions. On leaving your placement you can keep any personal effects, clothing, equipment such as car seats, wheelchairs or furniture that may have been purchased specially for you while in care.

You can find more information about how to access personal records and family finding service in Were you in out-of-home care.

If you are unable to get support from you caseworker or previous agency, you can ask for help from a Specialist Aftercare service.

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2019