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Caseworker talking to a boy

We will:

  • ask for feedback from children, families, carers and community members regularly
  • invite feedback from our co-workers and managers so that we can be the best we can be for children and families
  • be open to owning our mistakes, learn from them and say sorry to the people hurt by them
  • try new ways of working and doing better
  • share both good and bad feedback to co-workers, leaders and other professionals so we can all be our best for children and families
  • share good feedback when we see strengths, achievements and courage
  • encourage honesty, openness, non-discrimination and ethical work in our workplace
  • be curious about how DCJ and other services have worked with children and their family in the past to learn about their experience of what worked and what did not
  • say sorry for past experiences children or families found disrespectful
  • ask children, families and carers what we could do differently to show respect, earn trust and be useful
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Last updated: 21 Apr 2022