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Three little girls

We will:

  • focus on children’s safety and needs
  • include children, their family and all other important people
  • think about the safety of children, no matter where they live
  • find and invite extended family and community members to be involved
  • talk to and work with families in a way that meets their needs
  • spend time with children at their home and in other places, alone and while they are with their siblings, parents or carers
  • respect children and their families as the experts in their life
  • think of and respect each person’s identity and experiences – including their culture, gender, sexuality, disability, and family history
  • use professional tools, knowledge and skills to understand how children have, or could be, harmed and to build safety
  • think through all information carefully, and all the possibilities about what has happened and why
  • make timely decisions based on evidence
  • make sure that any decision to stop working with a family is in the best interests of the child, is well planned and all people involved with the family are included
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Last updated: 21 Apr 2022