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Teen hugging grandma

We will:

  • ask and listen to children about who is important to them
  • urgently reconnect children with family and other supportive people who are in their life, or who could be in their life – no matter where they live
  • show respect towards children and support them to build healthy relationships
  • talk to the important people in a child’s life about what we are worried about, and include them in building safety and support for the child together
  • work with children and their families to understand the role that family, kin and others have in their life
  • help connect the adults in a child’s life to their identity and culture
  • recognise and include adults in a child’s life as important holders of information and stories about their child and their identity and culture.
  • keep siblings together wherever possible and keep them connected if they need to be placed in out of home care
  • Work with parents, family, carers and children to organise meaningful family time for children when they cannot live at home
  • help children be a part of their community
  • share as much information as we can with parents when their child is in care

What we mean by…

Family time is the time children and young people spend with family, and other important people while they are in out of home care. Family time is planned around the child’s needs. It can include seeing family in person or talking on the phone, in writing, through pictures or videos. It can be supervised or unsupervised and can be in different places such as a park, a home or an office.
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Last updated: 21 Apr 2022