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Young mum with child

We will:

  • talk with children, young people, their families and others clearly and with respect
  • listen to children and families about their experiences without judging or jumping to conclusions
  • be honest with children and their families early on about our worries
  • get help, if needed, so families can talk to us in their chosen language
  • when a decision is made, we will write clearly about what was decided, how and why the decision was made and who was involved
  • give families a copy of important documents like assessments, case plans and safety plans
  • write clearly about our worries for a child and how they have or could be hurt if nothing changes
  • clearly write down children and families’ views and strengths and the things they already do to keep children safe
  • write down the different views of people around children and young people
  • write about children and families with fairness and respect
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Last updated: 21 Apr 2022