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NSW Carer Reference Groups

Carer Reference Groups (CRGs) are one of the key NSW settings for carer consultation, engagement and information sharing. The CRG provides a collaborative and interagency setting for carers to work alongside out-of-home care staff from both Communities and Jusitce (DCJ) and non-government agencies to participate and contribute to the service system. See the Carer Reference Group terms of reference. PDF, 307.3 KB

CRG membership

There are 7 CRGs across NSW (see table). Each CRG comprises 15 to 24 members who are carers from DCJ and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as DCJ and NGO staff and carer organisation representatives.

Meetings are generally held quarterly and discuss agenda topics relevant to carers as well as upcoming events and local and systemic issues

Ideas? Raise an item for your local CRG. Agenda items for consideration should be directed to your CRG. Please note that placement issues should be resolved through your caseworker or agency. CRG enquiries email

For carer support and advocacy, contact My Forever Family NSW on 1300 782 975.

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Last updated: 01 Jun 2023