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Helping a young person prepare for leaving care

Young people need the support of their carers to help them prepare for adult lives, build positive connections and achieve their life goals

Preparing for independent living

You will play a critical role in helping the young person prepare for adulthood and independence. It starts with helping them develop independent living skills, such as how to cook, save money, build healthy relationships and look after their health and well-being.

Consider completing the Independent living skills checklist together. It’s a great starting point for you and the young person in your care to consider what he or she can start doing now to build independent living skills and to help identify the areas they want to learn more about.

With the support of a caseworker, you and the young person in your care will create a leaving care plan that will help the young person think about their future. The plan will outline the young person's goals and ambitions, what support and services he or she may need, and what each person has agreed to do to support the journey.

The leaving care plan stays in place until the young person turns 25.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019