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I was in the care of the Minister (a ward of the state) before my adoption

If you were in the care of the Minister, you are entitled to access information about yourself from the FACS file or files about your time in care.

This file may help to provide you with an understanding of why you were unable to remain with your family and events that happened at that time, possibly some events that you may not be aware of or may have forgotten. Often people who read the records about their time in care gain a clearer understanding of their personal history.

You will be sent an application form to access the information about yourself available in the file about your time in care. If you are not sure if you were in the care of the Minister before your adoption, your social and medical information will confirm this.

For more information contact:

DCJ Adoption Information Unit
1300 799 023

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Last updated: 17 Oct 2019