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I am a birth parent

Birth parents will receive a copy of the information they provided at the time of the adoption and documents they signed, as well as information about the child’s adoptive family if this information is on file.

If the adoption was organised through Family and Community Services (FACS) you will receive the same information and documents that an adopted person receives as well as any significant information available about your child to provide knowledge of their life after adoption.

This includes general information about your child’s adoptive parents: physical description, occupations, nationalities, hobbies and interests, religion in which the child was to be raised and whether or not there were any other children in the family at the time of the adoption.

If the adoption was organised through a solicitor or a private agency you will receive the details of the solicitor or the agency (if known) so that you can contact them directly for more information

For more information contact:

DCJ Adoption Information Unit
1300 799 023

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Last updated: 17 Oct 2019