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For adoptions made in NSW after 1 January 2010, the Adoption Act 2000 allows adopted people, adoptive parents, birth parents and siblings of an adopted person to gain information – such as birth certificates and adoption orders – about each other from the day the adoption order is made.

This allows adoptees to gain a greater understanding of their birth family heritage, identity and culture from an early age and enable birth parents to know more about their child through their growing years. It also encourages the establishment of relationships between adoptees and birth siblings.

The document Adoption Act 2000: How it affects you – Post Adoption for adoptions made after 1 January 2010 provides details about people's rights to adoption information.

For adopted children under age 18

For adoptions after 1 January 2010, adopted people and adoptive parents may gain identifying information about the birth family from the day the adoption order is made.

While the child is under 18 years, the child, birth parents, brothers and sisters may seek approval to gain identifying information about the child and adoptive parents.

Approval may not be given if the supply of information poses a risk to the safety, welfare or well-being of an adopted child or adoptive parents

Read Services for adopted children under 18 years and their families, a factsheet about how Family and Community Services' Adoption Information Unit (AIU) can help with contact with birth parents, outreach, mediation and counselling.

Contact the AIU

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Last updated: 04 May 2022