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If you want, you can still be part of your child's life even after an adoption order has been made.

It is considered very important that children continue to see their birth parents after they are adopted, if it's in their best interest. This is called open adoption, and is an integral part of adoption legislation and practice in NSW.

Open adoption recognises that children often benefit when both their families (birth and adoptive) remain in contact with each other. Maintaining a connection with the birth family and their cultural heritage can help an adopted child develop their sense of identity - who they are and where they come from. The adoptive family is encouraged to support the relationship between the child and the birth parents.

Contact with your child can happen by letter or email, face-to-face meetings, Skype, telephone or any other ways. How, when and how often it happens will have to be agreed by all people involved and will be written down in the adoption plan.

If you'd like to learn more about open adoption and maintaining contact with your child, talk to your caseworker or call the Open Adoption Hotline:

Open Adoption Hotline
1800 003 227

The hotline operates between 9am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday. You can also use their online enquiry form.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019