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If you feel you’re not able to parent your new baby or child, adoption is not your only option. DCJ and our community partners can provide you with support to keep your family together safely. Before you go down the path of adoption, you could consider the following alternatives.

Continue raising your child yourself

DCJ has a range of programs and services that offer parenting support, day care services and accommodation, to help you care for and raise your child. Information on financial support for parents or guardians is available via Centrelink.

If your child has a disability, contact the National Disability Insurance Agency to find out how to gain access to funded services.

Consider shared care

It may be that support is available within your immediate or extended family. We strongly recommend that you view the Mandatory Written Information on Adoption. It contains a helpful attachment called ‘Exploring Adoption: Other Options’, which will help you to think about all of your choices and all of your potential sources of support.

If your child is at risk

If there are serious concerns about your child’s safety or well-being, DCJ is responsible for making sure that your child is safe and being looked after.

DCJ may ask the Children’s Court to make an order that your child needs care and protection, and place your child with a relative, trusted friend or foster carer, depending on the situation.

If this happens, DCJ will seek the permanent goal that is in your child’s best interests. Your child will not be able to return to your care without the consent of DCJ or the Children’s Court

For more details on any of the options listed here contact:

DCJ Adoption Services
02 9716 3003

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Last updated: 21 Oct 2019