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Out-of-home care adoption

Find out more about the process of adopting a child who is in out-of-home care or in your foster care, and the out-of-home care adoption allowance.

Out-of-home care adoption allowance (means-tested)

In March 2017 the NSW Government announced its commitment to provide more children and young people with a safe and stable home through open adoption (unless the child or young person is Aboriginal), including the introduction of a means-tested adoption allowance.

This allowance helps children who have been adopted from out-of-home care and require ongoing financial support to meet their needs.

The adoption allowance acknowledges the higher costs associated with children in out-of-home care who require ongoing – and sometimes intensive – support to meet their educational, social, physical and emotional health needs.

Access to the allowance is linked to eligibility to receive Family Tax Benefit Part A.
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More information

For more information contact:

Open Adoption Hotline
1800 003 227
Available between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can submit an online enquiry.

NGOs may also email

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Last updated: 20 Aug 2021