Disclosure Log

No Reference Number Description of information provided in response to the access application Date of decision Is the information available to the public? How is the information available
1HOGIPA16/▮▮▮▮Characteristics/demographics of residents residing in social housing properties in the Waterloo area that is slated for renewal or replacement under the proposed Central to Eveleigh project.13/03/2017YesAvailable electronically on website
2HOGIPA17/▮▮▮Children in the care of the Minister that were permanently placed in a respite placement.30/03/2017YesAvailable electronically on website
3HOGIPA17/▮FACS budget data relating to payments made to Life Without Barriers in NSW in the 2015/16 financial year for out-of-home care services.06/04/2017YesAvailable electronically on website
4HOGIPA17/▮▮Information held by FACS, from 30 December 2014 to the date of this application, relating to calls made to the Child Protection Helpline about underage forced marriage.20/04/2017YesAvailable electronically on website