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See the Possibilities – see the ability, not the disability

18 May 2017

The See the Possibilities campaign empowers employers and individuals across NSW to explore the possibilities of employing people with disability. The campaign was launched on Wednesday 17 May by the Minister for Disability Services Ray Williams at the Live, Work, Play: State of Inclusion conference.

We all want the best candidate when looking for new people to join our business. That means assessing people based on skills and abilities.

It is good business sense to create a diverse workforce. The benefits of employing people with disability are tangible. Unique individuals, backgrounds and opinions not only enhance workplace diversity, but also create fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Take the pledge and check out our resources to see what you or your business can do to support more inclusive hiring practices. This might be offering an internship to people with disability, seeking advice from a disability employment service provider or listing on advertisements that applicants with disability are encouraged to apply.

Being a disability-confident workplace means removing barriers for people with disability to enter your organisation. This may mean making some changes. More often than not, these changes don’t cost much and they improve confidence across your whole organisation as well as with your customers.

Hear how diverse workplaces such as PwC, Sinclair Automotive and ClubsNSW are creating strategies and policies around hiring people with disability.

Find out more about how to get on board and take the pledge at www.seethepossibilities.nsw.gov.au

See the Possibilities is presented by Department of Family and Community Services, and supports the NSW Government State priority to increase the number of people with disability in meaningful employment.