Redesigned Care Plan to reinforce importance of cultural identity and connection to family

22 Dec 2016

FACS caseworkers will be required to use a redesigned Care Plan (.zip) for Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse children and young people in care when seeking orders from the Children’s Court from 9 January 2017.

The new Care Plan has been developed to support and preserve a child’s cultural identity and connection to family.

While the new Care Plan is not mandatory for our external partners, it provides guidance for those with an interest in cultural and care planning and development.

A new website has been launched with background information, resources and a recorded webinar.

Why the change?

A key feature of the Care Plan is mandatory Cultural Plans for children and young people from Aboriginal, Torres Strait and multicultural backgrounds.

Cultural Plans will be developed in partnership with significant people in the child's life and caseworkers will need to clearly plan and outline how they (and others) will support the child's cultural identity and reinforce their sense of belonging to family and community.

The new Care Plan:

  • Incorporates and encourages the application of the Permanent Placement Principles which were introduced under the Child Protection Legislation Amendment Act 2014
  • Will improve and standardise care and cultural planning in NSW
  • Will support magistrates to make more informed decisions, especially in relation to permanency outcomes, by providing the Children's Court a clearer picture of the child, the orders being sought and the longer term case plan goals
  • Ensures that all children and young people who are Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or from multicultural backgrounds are supported with a detailed cultural plan when they enter care. Both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Plan and the Multicultural Plan have been co-designed following extensive engagement with various stakeholders
  • Sets practice and evidence expectations that meet the NSW Child Safe Standards for Permanent Care (NSW Standards).
  • Supporting Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse children and young people in care to preserve their cultural identity and connection to family will be front and centre of a redesigned Care Plan launched today.

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