New Patchwork NSW video

15 Dec 2016

See how Patchwork NSW has helped the Redfern community in a heart-warming video about Redlink.

Redlinkbrings together traditional government services with community and non-government agencies to deliver better results for vulnerable people. Their use of Patchwork NSW has enabled even easier collaboration between providers.

ChildStory is encouraging all FACS caseworkers and our partner service providers to use Patchwork NSW to collaborate with other child protection service providers.

There are three easy steps to start using Patchwork NSW:

  • register with your FACS email address
  • add the children that you work with
  • invite other frontline staff to collaborate.

Patchwork will be incorporated into ChildStory when it is implemented next year, allowing FACS caseworkers to access it from the same place they will access all their tools and records.

Patchwork NSW is safe and secure – it is a tool to share practitioner information, not to share client information.

There are already more than 5,000 registered users for Patchwork NSW. The more registered users, the more useful it will be, the more children will benefit – sign up today!