Recruitment for new caseworkers continues

24 Nov 2017

The NSW caseworker vacancy rate has remained stable at 5 per cent as recruitment for 141 new child protection roles continues across the State.

Data released by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) shows that more children than ever before who are at risk of significant harm (ROSH) have received a face-to-face assessment from a FACS caseworker.

An extra 907 children received face-to-face assessments in the September 2017 quarter compared to the June 2017 quarter.

FACS Secretary Michael Coutts-Trotter said the extra caseworkers and case work support workers funded in the recent State Budget would begin to arrive on duty in the December quarter.

In 2017/18 FACS received additional funding to recruit:
*42 more caseworkers to support the frontline to see more children

  • 23 more caseworkers for the Child Protection Helpline
  • 10 more caseworkers for the Joint Investigation Response Team

In addition, the department was also funded to recruit 73 extra casework support workers to help with administrative tasks so caseworkers can spend more time seeing vulnerable children and their families.

The Caseworker Dashboard is published quarterly on the FACS website.

Where the statistics come from

Caseworker data is sourced from the annual and monthly reports produced for FACS by its Corporate Services division and verified by an independent auditor.

Performance data is sourced from the FACS Child Protection Client database. Caseworker information is published in the FACS Annual Report. Historically, this information has been based on headcount and has excluded casework specialists.

Performance and activity data are also published in the FACS Annual Report. Detailed data is published online in FACS Statistics.