FACS Analysis and Research (FACSAR)

FACS Analysis and Research (FACSAR) conducts and supports analysis, research and evaluation across FACS. FACSAR also works with other government and non-government agencies and research organisations on specific projects, data linkage and research and evaluation activities. This work helps to drive the use of evidence by FACS and our stakeholders so that we can continually improve what we do.

Our vision is to improve outcomes for people and impact on intergenerational disadvantage by ensuring decisions are evidence-based and investment is targeted. One of our key objectives is embedding the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework in FACS.

The following four principles direct the way we work and deliver our projects:

Excellence – Being leaders in our fields of expertise, ensuring high quality products and services built around up to date analytics and research techniques.

Easy to understand analysis and insights – Providing timely, reliable and insightful information that focuses on answering key policy questions.

Client voice – Incorporate the voice of our clients in developing the evidence base to support policy development and service implementation.

Innovation and creativity – work across FACS to support innovation and creativity in service design and delivery.

The FACSAR Business Plan for 2016-2017 outlines FACSAR’s key strategic objectives and priority projects.

Our publications communicate key findings to a broad audience and feature full reports, commissioned reports and short summary documents.

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FACS Analysis and Research
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