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About us

The Family and Community Services (FACS) cluster works with children, adults, families and communities to improve lives and help people realise their potential.

We are the agency in NSW with statutory responsibility for protecting children and young people from risk of significant harm.

The FACS Strategic Plan 2017-2021 shows how we will support our clients to create the futures they want for themselves and their communities.

The plan describes the behaviour and leadership that our clients and delivery partners can expect of us.

In executing Government policy, FACS will use our organisation’s capabilities and influence in child protection, housing, homelessness and community inclusion to help ensure:

  • Aboriginal children, families and communities thrive
  • people are in charge of their own lives and feel a real sense of choice and control
  • more children are safe at home with their families
  • more people have safe, stable places to live – and the family lives, jobs, well-being and dignity which that makes possible
  • our staff feel they have the support they need to do well in their roles so they can change people’s lives.

FACS is also the lead cluster for delivering the following Premier’s and State Priorities to :

  • decrease the percentage of children and young people re-reported at risk of significant harm by 15 per cent over three years
  • increase the proportion of young people who successfully move from specialist homelessness services to long-term accommodation by 10 per cent by 2016-17
  • increase the number of households successfully transitioning out of social housing by five per cent over three years
  • increase housing supply across NSW
  • successfully implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by July 2018.

The cluster also supports the Premier’s Priority to address and reduce domestic and family violence.

More information can be found on our Publications page.