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Structure and functions

Land and Housing Corporation (LaHC) is a Public Trading Enterprise (PTE) within the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) cluster.

The LaHC structure is outlined in the: FACS Organisational Structure. The areas within LaHC are:

  • Assets – Maintenance and asset services
  • Corporate Services – Business support services
  • Finance – Financial management
  • Projects – Construction delivery
  • Renewal – Urban renewal projects
  • Strategy – Portfolio asset management.

Services we provide

LaHC is responsible for managing the NSW Government’s public housing portfolio which includes maintaining properties to ensure that they are clean, safe and habitable.

LaHC’s objective is to sustainably manage the portfolio to deliver the maximum number of dwellings to meet tenants’ needs.

Open Access Information

Disclosure Log

As an agency within the FACS, details concerning decisions made by LaHC in response to an application that may be of interest to other members of the public may be included on the FACS disclosure log.

Documents tabled in Parliament



Description of the information



Annual report 2013-14

FACS Annual Report 2013-14 - inclusive of LAHC 



Annual report 2012-13

LAHC Annual Report 2012-13 

Proactively released information

LaHC releases information of public interest through FACS Media releases.

Policies and standards relating to LaHC are available under Publications.

Register of contracts

A register of contracts awarded to the private sector valued at over $150,000 can be accessed from the eTendering website.

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