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NSW budget 2018: protecting our kids and building a better future for everyone

Last published on 05 Jun 2018 in Media releases

A boost to the FACS frontline will see 100 new workers for the child protection system and more investment in Australia’s most successful open adoption program.

Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward and Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said an additional $59 million over four years will help protect vulnerable children and young people and find a safe home for life for those most in need.

“The additional funding means there will be more caseworkers on the frontline to work with families whose children are at risk of significant harm,” Ms Goward said.

“It will mean an additional 78 caseworkers as well as 10 casework support workers and 12 casework managers over the next two years.”

NSW leads the nation in adoptions from out-of-home care, with a record 129 adoptions in 2016/17.

Ms Goward said this year’s budget would invest $17 million to help the Government achieve the goal of more than 1000 open adoptions over the next four years.

“We want the best for our children and where they are not safe within their family, we want them to find that safety and lifelong home with an adoptive family.”

Mr Perrottet said giving children the best start in life, no matter their circumstances, was a key priority for the Government.

“I am proud that we have seen a reduction in the number of children entering care by almost 24 per cent in 2016/17,” Mr Perrottet said.

“We also want to ensure people who can offer love and support to a vulnerable child have all the support they need.”

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