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Opportunity knocks for social housing tenants

Last published on 07 Dec 2018 in Media releases / Archive

Social housing tenants and applicants will soon be able to access life changing education and employment opportunities thanks to the NSW Government’s $42.6 million Opportunity Pathways program.

Minister for Social Housing Pru Goward said Opportunity Pathways aims to improve the independence of social housing clients by providing them with support to boost their ability to find and maintain a job.

“The program will help break the cycle of disadvantage and increase the number of tenants positively exiting the social housing system,” Ms Goward said.

“This is about equipping tenants with the skills they need to not only obtain a job, but keep it over the longer term and achieve their full potential.

“We also want to set to a clear expectation that social housing is not for life and for those who can work, social housing should be used as a stepping stone to moving into the private rental market.

“I am very pleased that Opportunity Pathways will be made available to those on the NSW Housing Register, as we hope through employment and education we can divert people from the need to enter social housing.”

Opportunity Pathways will be available to public, community and Aboriginal housing tenants, people on the NSW Housing Register and people in private rental accommodation who receive a subsidy under Rent Choice.

The voluntary program will connect up to 3000 clients with education and training, practical assistance and employment opportunities in order to find and maintain a job. It will also provide tenants with basic job skills including assistance writing resumes and interviewing techniques.

The Government will also trial time-limited leases for 20 tenancies which link engagement with the program with earlier access to social housing for those on the waitlist.

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