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FACS launches open tender for redesign of Non-Placement Support Scheme

Last published on 18 Feb 2019 in News

FACS has launched an open tender for the redesign of the Non-Placement Support Scheme.

The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) currently uses the Non-Placement Support Scheme (NPSS) to provide support services to children and young people in FACS-managed placements. At present, the NPSS scheme delivers eight service types: supervised transport, supervised contact, respite care, youth work support, relative/kinship assessments, therapeutic camps, behaviour support and disability services.

What is changing?

FACS has completed a review of the NPSS and as a result, the program has been redesigned and renamed the Casework Support Scheme (CSS). CSS will introduce a number of refinements and improvements to the current system to help ensure that children and young people have access to quality and child-safe services and that the service delivery meets FACS’ reform needs.

The CSS open tender has been launched

FACS has commenced the open tender process to establish a new panel of approved service providers for the provision of CSS services. The open tender package was published on Monday 18 February 2019 and is available on the NSW eTender website. The tender will close at 10am on Monday 1 April 2019.

Provision of NPSS will continue in its current form, provided by existing NPSS service providers, until the new procurement process has been finalised (anticipated in mid-2019). After the transition of successful service providers to the CSS, provision of services through NPSS will cease. Only service providers that have been successful during the tender process will be able to provide CSS services going forward.

How can service providers participate in the CSS tender?

If you would like to be considered for the provision of CSS services, please visit to access the CSS tender package. It includes the CSS tender application form that you will need to complete and documents that outline information about the CSS and service provider requirements. You will need to submit your response via the NSW eTender website by 10am on Monday 1 April 2019. Please note that late responses will not be accepted.

The new CSS

The new CSS incorporates defined service types, revised pricing structure, clear program guidelines and strengthened governance, compliance and monitoring requirements.

What are the changes to the service types?

Service type



Supervised transport

Supervised contact

Youth work support


Respite care

Daytime respite

Overnight respite

Behaviour support

Will be incorporated into other FACS program

Kinship/relative carer assessment

Will be incorporated into other FACS program

Therapeutic camps


Disability services

Sourced through NDIS

The services available under the CSS include:


Relative/kinship assessment and Behaviour support services

These service types are not part of this CSS tender process. They will be transitioning into other FACS business areas which will involve a separate procurement process. We will send you further communication once the procurement strategy for these services has been finalised. Current service providers will continue to provide these services under the NPSS until the new procurement processes within the new business areas have been finalised (anticipated in mid-2019).

If you would like to obtain more information about the CSS, please send an email to

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